Double-channel video installation with two screens, variable dimensions, 2015

J’ai voulu exprimer une relation tendue.

Nous avons deux personnes : l’une souhaitant tout régenter et une autre étant dominée, agitée, nerveuse, turbulente et n’ayant aucun moment de tranquillité. Une relation qui est remplie d’amour mais également d’anxiété et d’angoisse.

Le dominant est omniprésent puisqu’il ne touche pas qu’au physique mais également au mental.

Par le biais de deux écrans séparés, la narration est présentée simultanément suivant deux points de vue.

Inspired by memories of my teenage years, this video installation represents a trauma and growing tension between two figures. From a psychological standpoint, the two figures are in fact part of the same whole. The spectral being invades space and time, trespassing in our innermost sanctum. The ghost haunts our mind, pushing us the verge of nervous breakdown. Our inner spirit confronts the omnipresent ghost-like enemy. We barely escape from it: our perception, consciousness and self-identity are transformed, divided and disrupted.

Breathlessis presented on two screens side by side. The action is mirrored and split between the screens, bouncing from one to the other. The viewer is invited to complete the story using their own imagination from their perspective, as they are wholly absorbed in the narrative through the sonorous installation and the wealth of imagery used within it.