Wu Ting-Chia is a visual artist and filmmaker based in Paris. His early work often involves personnel trauma, human relationships and sexual identity, using an absurdist tone to produce unsettling life dramas. His later works focus on more existential and profound questions in which he investigates collective memory, social structure, transformation of meaning and the process of perception. Since 2019, he has been researching symbiotic themes in both Society and Nature, exploring how a larger system of interconnected cycles could replace our anthropocentric vision of the world. He is interested in how different forms of art and technology might be used to realize positive changes in Society and the political landscape.

His work revolves around the moving image, looking for new narratives in the past and in the undetermined form of the present. He is also involved in collaborative performance and installation projects. Wu Ting-Chia has also participated in art exhibitions such as the International Festival Coral Island, Okinawa, Japan. His works have been included in numerous group exhibitions at Musée des Beaux-Arts, Rouen, France ; Musée des Antiquités, Rouen, France ; Château-Musée, Dieppe, France ; Palais Jacques-Cœur, Bourges, France, Nanhai Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.